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Based on our dedication to enter new markets and depending on our R&D lab, Midad was able to produce MIDATIN range for can coating.Using the  advanced vehicle technology of several resin types, MIDATIN can coatings are designed for coating 2  pieces& 3 pieces can sheets.

 Carefully formulated to offer good color strength with better transfer properties
 Excellent rub & scratch resistance
 Excellent deep drawing and impact properties
 Excellent chemical resistance
 All interior products are manufactured from raw materials which are FDA approved
 Wide range of products cover most applications in can coating industry 
General Purpose Roller Coatermachines for tin plates
Special Features:
StovingSchedule : 160-200 C / 12-15 min(depending on coating type)
MIDATIN Coatings are:
MIDATIN  PH-950:Exterior & interior gold lacquer for tin,offers excellent protection against preserved food products such as fruit, vegetables, fish….etc.
MIDATIN AC-050:Transparent overprint varnish, suitable for the coating of crown corks, very good resistance to sterilization procedure.
MIDATIN  PE-900: Exterior white enamelsuitable for most applications, such as deep-drawn cans and gloss closures.  
MIDATIN EPH-975: Meatrelease silver lacquer that has good deep-drawing properties and excellent process resistance.                                        
 MIDATIN EPH-980:Interior silver lacquer for the protection of can interiors against corrosion by preserved food.
MIDATIN  EPH-050: Meatrelease transparent lacquer. It is suitable for sulphur-releasing preserved food. It can be applied over MIDATIN EPH-980                                                                                   MIDATIN PH-301:Interior buff lacquer for three piece welded cans with high chemical resistance.                                
MIDATIN PH-010: Transparent adhesive lacquer for PVC-plastisol sealing compounds as used for crown corks and twist-off caps made from tin-plate or aluminum.