Radiation Curing Inks

The proven technique of UV printing makes thousands of tons of these inks & varnishes used each year for many reasons such as: quality, safety & cost saving. Midad Printing Inks is proud to introduce the best quality of UV inks for various printing processes & different substrates which have been developed using high technology. As a technically oriented company, we attach a great importance to technical service & support for our customers including all special uses in the UV world.

Radiation Curing inks features

  • No solvents emission.
  • No expensive solvents – removal equipment.
  • Reduced re hazards.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Reduced stocks of finished matters as a result of inline, high – speed manufacture and immediate postcure conversion into folding cartons (cutting, folding, gluing, etc…)
  • Finished UV inks printed materials are non-irritant & non-toxic.
  • UV inks are suitable for various substrates.

Midad Radiation Curing Inks are:

  • MIDACURE UV offset inks for plastic (PLUV).
  • MIDACURE UV offset inks for metal (MDUV).
  • MIDACURE UV silk screen for variety of substrates.
  • MIDACURE UV flexo inks for improved print quality.
  • MIDACURE UV overprint varnishes