Lithographic Offset Inks

Midad offset inks blends versatile applications with a high quality finish Based on the most modern techniques, Lithographic offset inks uses cover all the different & complex printing jobs . Moreover, these inks can be used in the printing of newspaper, magazine, catalogues, brochure, cartons food packaging , stickers & greeting cards.

Lithographic Offset Inks Features:

  • Excellent reproduction.
  • Suitable for various speeds.
  • Fast setting.
  • Duct fresh.
  • Excellent litho properties.
  • High gloss.
  • Excellent water balance.
  • Suitable for various substrates.

MIDAD Lithographic ink are:


    sheetfed offset process ink on paper & board for brighter hues fast setting &high speed performance
    sheetfed offset base colors ink, 14 basic color +special colors on paper &board for excellent color reproduction
    Web offset coldest black ink for newspaper printed on high speed machines
    high technology manufacturing web offset coldest process ink for newspaper printed on high speed machines