About Midad inks ..

With a very humble resources and huge ambition, we have entered the ink world through the Offset inks gate by a joint venture with a reputable European company.
Mixing the ingredients of continues learning, innovation, hard working, and passion we excelled the printing inks ingredients to expand our products from Offset inks to UV inks & Varnishes, Packaging liquid inks and Can coatings, and here you’ll have the story:

  • 1994
    Midad was founded in Syria by a joint venture agreement with the English Company (EPI) for producing sheet-fed offset inks
  • 1997
    We captured the opportunity to introduce the UV products to the Syrian market.
  • 2000
    The flexographic water based inks was our next step to widen our products range
  • 2006
    Our journey of growth continues, & expansion has forced the movement to a new location that avails quick improvement, much better capacity to reach 20000 tons annually, with a new Line for producing liquid Inks “Packaging gravure and Flexographic Inks
  • 2010
    Acquiring the honor to get ISO 9001 certification.
  • 2011
    The Can coatings products has reached the maturity stage to have the whole range of three pieces can coatings products.