Based on our dedication to enter new markets and depending on our R&D lab, Midad was able to produce MIDATIN range for can coatings. Using the advanced vehicle technology of several resin types,
MIDATIN can coatings are designed for coating 3 pieces can sheets.


  • •Carefully formulated to offer good color strength with better transfer properties
  • • Excellent rub & scratch resistance
  • • Excellent deep drawing and impact properties
  • • Excellent chemical resistance
  • •All interior products are manufactured from raw materials which are FDA approved
  • • Wide range of products cover most applications in can coating industry.
  • •All interior products are manufactured from raw materials which are FDA approved


General Purpose Roller Coater machines for tin plates

Special Features:

Stoving Schedule : 160-200 C/ 12-15 min
(depending on coating type)

MIDATIN Coatings are:

  • MIDATIN PH-950:
    Exterior & interior gold lacquer for tin, offers excellent protection against preserved food products such as fruit, vegetables, fish….etc.
  • MIDATIN PH-951:
    Exterior & interior gold lacquer with high chemical resistant, specially developed for high deep-drawn cans.
  • MIDATIN AC-050:
    Transparent overprint varnish, suitable for the coating of crown corks, very good resistance to sterilization procedure.
  • MIDATIN PE-900:
    Exterior white enamel suitable for most applications, such as deep-drawn cans and gloss closures.
  • MIDATIN EPH-975:
    Meat release silver lacquer that has good deep-drawing properties and excellent process resistance.
  • MIDATIN PH-985:
    Exterior correction silver lacquer for masking of misprinted or rusty sheets.
    Interior silver lacquer for the protection of can interior against corrosion by preserved food.
  • MIDATIN EPH-050:

    Meat release transparent lacquer. It is suitable for sulphur-releasing preserved food. It can be applied over MIDATIN EPH-980

  • MIDATIN PH-301:
    Interior buff lacquer for three piece welded cans with high chemical resistance.
  • MIDATIN PH-010:
    Transparent adhesive lacquer for PVC-plastisol sealing compounds as used for crown corks and twist-off caps made from tin-plate or aluminum